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Welcome, visitor

Hello, person who comes to this page. This is a blog I set up in case Livejournal should die–but then I realized that even in LJ’s long, slow decline, I was going to stick with it, and this blog suffered neglect. So here we are. So, to find the actual blog content of Asakiyume, you can check out Asakiyume mita there.

Or, maybe you’d like to check out the Pen Pal novel website, where there are pages relating to volcanoes, floating villages, cultural survival, messages in bottles, real-life pen pals, a folktale from Mermaid’s Hands, an excerpt from the novel and ways to purchase it, etc.

You can visit Mermaid’s Hands

. . . or the Lotus on the Ruby Lake

Pen Pal ordering information–free to libraries